Welcome to my art world. My art is inspired by fairy tale and fantasy, but I draw all type of Digi images. All images are hand drawn and scan so it preserve its originality. Due to study pressure I closed my store, but I reopen it again and I am so happy now.
Some of my 2011 creations I deleted because I want to start in a New Way.

...............By The Way I have Freebies Every Monday.............


Terms of Use

TOU for My Heart Pieces Digital Stamp. All images are for Personal Use only, unless otherwise stated in product description when purchased. All images Copyright My Heart Pieces Digital Stamp 2012 You may not: Convert to a hard product: IE: Rubber Stamp, either mounted or unmounted or any other type of hard product. You May not: Include this image in any format in any collection for sale in any format. You May not: Share this image via email, file sharing, or by printing out and giving it away. Please respect my copyright as these are my personal designs being made available to you by purchase for your personal projects. If you use one of my images in a challenge project, please give credit to (Image name) by My Heart Pieces Digital Stamp. Thank You


  1. I am thinking about buying some of you digi stamps, I sale on esty and make keepsake boxes can I use the to decorate what I sale.

  2. Thank you for the response--Just want to make sure, If decorate my keepsake box and sell it online or display it on my facebook page--I would have to let folks know where I got the image from? or is it only if I enter in some kind of contest? I just want to make sure before I buy. I have a lot of images and can't remember where I bought most of them from. Thanks for your quick response.